If I'm not by your side, you must be strong, don't give up when you meet me, and want to tell me when you are with me, because the world and I love you and you forever. If I'm not around you, no matter how urged by my family, don't treat me casually. Marriage is not playing cards. Reshuffling will cost a lot. Everything can be perfunctory, love, but only once in a lifetime. It doesn't matter whether you are in the right place. The most important thing is to have fun. Otherwise, there is no common language. Even when you are together, you will still feel it. So baby, don't give your feelings to one person, and don't give yourself to one person easily. Don't give yourself to a man before you are sure that he wants to marry you. Because you give yourself to him easily, that man will easily hurt you, abandon you, and think that you give yourself to him easily will also easily give others unworthy of him. And these injuries are It can never be made up. If I am not by your side, please find someone who will take care of you more than me to love you all my life, but how I wish that person was not someone else but me. If it's not me in the end, then find a good man. A man's quality can't be completely determined. You don't need money to verify his sincerity, because every little thing he does in life explains to you how he is. A good man is also a kind of man. Baby, you should remember this sentence!